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My name is Anna, and I am an intern at VisitNordfyn.
I am studying a PBA in International Hospitality Management at University College Lillebælt.

During my internship, I will collect data for both my internship report and my bachelor project. In this regard, I would like to conduct a research on how tourists experience North Funen, in regards to the tourist information, which is offered both in digital and physical form.
The data collected will be used to improve any deficiencies that may arise as well as meet the demands of the tourists.
The questionnaire takes about 5-7 min. to fill in and gives the opportunity to win a gift bag with delicacies from North Funen.
Thank you in advance!

What is your gender? *
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Where are you from? *
Have you been to North Funen before? *
If yes, how many times have you been here? (enter number of times)
If no, why not and how come You have decided to visit North Funen now? (please elaborate)
How long has your current stay lasted? *
Before you decided to visit North Funen where did you search for information? *
If via other channels, which ones?
If you have visited, was there anything you thought was missing? *
If yes, please elaborate further
Which sights have you either read or heard about before you decided to visit North Funen? (Feel free to tick multiple options) *
Which sights have you visited during your stay at North Funen? (Feel free to tick multiple options) *
When you were searching for information about North Funen, what did you search for? (Feel free to tick multiple options) *
If other things, please elaborate
Have you visited the tourist office? *
If yes, how was your experience of the information the staff at the tourist office gave you?
If not, what could be improved? (by answer: sufficient to very dissatisfied, please elaborate why)
If you haven't visited the Tourist office, how come you didn't?
If other, please elaborate on what
Could you find sufficient information about the place/places on North Funen you would like to visit? *
If other, what did you do?
If other, please elaborate on how you found information

The personal data collected will be stored until 30 September 2020.

The data collected via this questionnaire will be used exclusively for my bachelor project.

Your e-mail will only be used to contact the winner of the North Funen gift bag.

If you want personal data deleted before the above-mentioned date, please contact:

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